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December 2022 Newsletter

Chrysler’s 300 ups its style and sophistication

Chrysler’s advertising for its full-sized 300 has emphasized its American roots. Now they are pushing the car to seem more like a luxury vehicle.

They don’t consider the Chrysler 300 to be a luxury car, but Chrysler is attempting to attract new luxury-intender customers, but do so without alienating any existing customers.

The car was originally introduced in 2005 and celebrated the model’s glory years from the 1950s. In 2011 the second-generation Chrysler 300 hit the streets.

Now for 2015 there is a refresh which makes the car both more distinctive, with more technology and efficiency. From a design perspective, its idea is to recapture the impact of the 1955 Chrysler 300. Since the front of that model received lots of praise, designers stressed it on the 2015 model, as, for instance, the grille is 33 percent bigger than on the 2014 model.

The front end has a more prominent look, but also is melded much more coherently into a modern and well-proportioned “face.” It is also used to distinguish the models from one another with a very aggressive black mesh grille fronting the sportier Chrysler 300S model.

While this isn’t a new generation of the Chrysler 300, it is a car that has good “bones” and a good stance. So smoothing the body out and making it more modern – and frankly more aggressive – makes a great deal of difference.

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