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Chrysler releases Born Maker ad campaign for 2015 200 [w/video]

Is the 2015 Chrysler 200 the most important new product for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles? While it is certainly debatable, we’d be strongly inclined to say “yes.” As the first competent midsize sedan that Chrysler has released in the better part of two decades, the new 200 is absolutely crucial to achieving the brand’s goal of becoming FCA’s “mainstream” manufacturer.

Of course, we already know how the 200 drives. Jonathan Ramsey delivered an early taste, while Steven Ewing amassed over 1,500 miles on a 200S AWD during a two-week stint with the sleek sedan, with the former complimenting the new car’s fit and finish and the latter calling it an “infinitely better product.” And indeed, you, the customer, have already voiced early support for the sleek four-door, with over 17,000 orders during its first two days on sale.

This has all happened before the 200 has really even graced our TVs or Facebook feeds in any significant way. But considering this early success, you can imagine the degree of pressure on the advertising team to come up with a campaign that will help the 200’s ever-increasing momentum.

We sat down with Chrysler Group’s global director of brand advertising, Marissa Hunter, to find out just what went into the 200’s initial advertising blitz, known as Born Makers.

That name was the first thing that caused us issue. What is a “born maker?”

“The focus isn’t really about just dreaming up big ideas, but it’s about having the ingenuity, the commitment, the energy and the passion to make them happen.” Hunter told Autoblog in a phone interview. “It’s the idea that from a craftsmanship perspective, you dig a little deeper and work a littler harder and build something that’s more beautiful, more innovative and more stylish.”

“Innovative and stylish” aren’t really adjectives associated with the last 200 (and its Sebring antecedent), of course. The old 200/Sebring were arguably some of the worst cars in the midsize sedan class, and remain regular fixtures on the lots of local Hertz or Enterprise offices. Turning that reputation around will be far more important to bringing in customers than talking about advanced tech or new powertrains, a fact that Hunter seems to recognize.

“They are what they are, and you just have to do what you think is right to build the right car, for the consumer, for the marketplace today and in the future,” Hunter told Autoblog. “The place where we are going to build the car has been rebuilt from the ground up, so that we could then rebuild the car from the ground up,” Hunter said. “The 200 sets the benchmark, for us, on how we plan to develop cars going forward.”

Certainly, part of repairing the 200s reputation involves showing the new vehicles off in the coming ad campaign. The two spots, a 60-second ad and a 30-second ad, show off the car in what is arguably its best shade – white. Backed by the gravely vocals of Kevin Yon, from the Born of Fire Super Bowl ad, and with a Detroit-based singer belting out Bob Dylan’s Things Have Changed, there are no shortage of parallels between this and the breakout Eminem ad from a few years back.

“There are some similarities to that work, intentionally so,” Hunter said. “There are some pieces of it that feel a bit more evolved. The images that are being used are perhaps a bit more optimistic.”

Have a look at the 60-second spot in the video below, and let us know what you think of Chrysler’s efforts. Does this live up to the trends set by past Chrysler campaigns? What would you have done differently? Sound off, in the Comments.

Source: [AutoBlog.com]

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