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Chrysler Pacifica minivan: King of the family vehicle hill

The minivan has never been this good.

Just as it did when it invented the minivan in 1984, Chrysler is attempting to revitalize its brand with the 2017 Pacifica, and a family vehicle market that has shunned minivans in favor of crossovers. The poor minivan is being subjected to the same fate it dumped on the station wagon in the ’80s.

Part of the reason Chrysler dropped the well-known Town and Country name was to shed the silly stigma of minivans as the sacrificial lamb of family over self. As if sliding doors look dumber than hoisting your toddlers in and out of their car seats 136 times a day.

Regardless, Chrysler deemed the Pacifica name more chill than no-chill, even for those who associate it with the forgettable Franken-crossover made from 2004 to 2008. The name change is meant not to confuse but to shift expectations.

From a partial side view, one person couldn’t tell if it was a minivan or crossover.

When in reverse, one witness asked if it was electric because it was so quiet.

From the back seat, the 10-year old said, “I like how everything fits.”

After driving nearly 1,000 mountainous miles in the Colorado Rockies, I had to agree.

The Pacifica handles like a crossover, looks more button-down yet still has two sliding doors, a built-in entertainment system, a high ceiling and a low floor, with a tall, wide rear that enables it to excel at what it was meant to do: haul people – and things – in comfort.

The difference is that the minivan has never been this good.

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Source: pressherald.com

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2016 Dodge Challenger Review: 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker

There’s no doubting the 2016 Challenger’s purpose when you slide into the Shaker seat, buckle in and hold the push to start button. And, if you somehow forget the sound of the 392 HEMI, the aggressive Shaker hood in Plum Crazy quickly makes it clear that this is a car designed to go fast, with a focus on the driver.

The 2016 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack with a 392 HEMI puts out 484 horsepower and an insane amount of torque that can put you and your passengers into the back of your leather heated and cooled seat.

The updated look stays true enough to the classic muscle car look to turn heads and you don’t need to give up creature comforts like dual temperature controls, a heated steering wheel or a powerful infotainment system with an 8.4-inch display. The car even comes with its own Internet connection that can serve as a hotspot.

For users who couldn’t care about a car’s internet connection, this screen still serves an impressive purpose thanks to Dodge Performance apps that can show you your personal 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times and other performance data, as well as share it with friends as a digital drag strip ticket.

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Source: gottabemobile.com

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The 2016 Ram Rebel Isn’t A Raptor, But Here’s Why That Doesn’t Matter

The phrase “throwing spaghetti at a wall” refers to someone not knowing what path to take and frantically exhausting every option in an attempt to solve a particular issue, hoping something sticks. When applied to automakers, this action can either save or destroy a company that already may be on the edge of disaster. However, in rare cases, a vehicle is produced that makes so much sense that you were left wondering why the hell they bothered making anything else. Welcome to the 2016 Ram Rebel, the pickup truck you never knew you needed.

There’s a running theme with modern-day trucks, and that’s that they need to be easy to drive. The more car-like they are in execution and feel, the better they sell to the general public.

Having said that, as consumers move towards making the experience of driving a pickup less daunting and car-like, it’s refreshing to know that some automakers are still in the business of just making a really, really good pickup truck.

When the Ram Rebel launched at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015 as the light-duty truck dentists with something to prove could flaunt to strangers at their local Cars and Coffee, the car-buying public immediately saw a parallel between Ram’s murdered-out and tougher-looking Rebel and the dune-slaying Ford SVT Raptor.

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Source: truckyeah.jalopnik.com

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2016 Jeep Renegade – Crossover cuddly.

Looking for all the world like something a Pokémon Go character would drive, the diminutive Renegade is the latest Jeep to bound into the market. The small four-door hatchback shares its platform and its Italian assembly line with the Fiat 500X. It’s priced between the unloved (and soon to be replaced) Patriot and the larger, more cherished Cherokee. It’s the squarest Jeep this side of a Wrangler, hiding its car roots behind a traditional seven-slot grille, round headlamps, a high stance, squared-off wheel wells, and a semi-flat windshield that would do any Jeep CJ proud.

What’s New: The Renegade was all-new for 2015, so updates and additions for 2016 are few. The optional nine-speaker premium audio system with 506-watt amp and 6.5-inch subwoofer gains Beats-branded speakers. Also, rain-sensing windshield wipers are available on all but the base Sport model. A limited-production 75th Anniversary Edition and an all-black Dawn of Justice Special Edition (sans cape) both appeared for 2016.

What We Like: Die-hard Jeep Wrangler fans may not approve of this car-based mongrel made in Italy, but the Renegade mostly makes friends. We think it’s cute, too. The Renegade’s Cracker Jack­–box flat flanks and abbreviated but tall profile work to its advantage, giving it one of the roomiest cabins in its class and a useful cargo area. A high center of gravity does contribute to body roll, yet the diminutive Jeep has decent overall balance and fairly quick, linear steering. Considering the short wheelbase, body motions are ably controlled. The front seats have plenty of thorax-hugging lateral support, while the softer bottom cushions are hotspot-free for long stints. The turbo 1.4-liter and six-speed manual powertrain combination offers generous low- and mid-range torque, precise shifter throws, and smooth clutch action. Cool options include the removable MySky roof panel and the clear-sounding Beats audio system.

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Source: caranddriver.com

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