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2015 Jeep Cherokee: An Iconic Name for an Iconic Brand

A year and half after it entered Jeep showrooms it’s safe to call the Jeep Cherokee an unmitigated success. With nearly 180,000 units sold last year the Cherokee was the second-best selling nameplate in the Jeep line up, coming within 5,000 total annual sales of Jeep’s much-lauded Grand Cherokee. It was also the third best selling vehicle in the entire midsize SUV category. Traditional Jeep fans, as well as buyers new to the brand, snapped up the curvy crossover despite a somewhat rocky start that included multiple launch delays and controversy over the Cherokee’s non-traditional styling. The Cherokee’s sales success has continued in 2015, with 67,000 sold through April (putting it ahead the Grand Cherokee by 8,000 units thus far). At Kelley Blue Book we’re tracking the entire Jeep brand’s year-to-date sales at over 250,000 units, putting it up more than 20 percent and on pace to hit one million annual U.S. sales — a first for Jeep.

A recent drive through the Rocky Mountains in a 2015 Jeep Cherokee helped me understand why this vehicle, and this brand, are doing so well in the ultra-competitive U.S. car market. My Cherokee was a well-equipped Limited model with a 4×4 drivetrain and wearing a deep shade of True Blue paint. It was outfitted with the Luxury, Safety, and Technology option groups, which meant it was equipped with everything from ventilated leather seats to radar cruise control to blind spot detection, parking assist and forward collision mitigation. This combination of premium and high-tech safety features, complimented by the large 8.4-inch central touchscreen and bright gauge cluster display (with its own 7-inch information window), gave the Cherokee a premium vibe. The Cherokee also benefits from Chrysler’s Uconnect Access system for audio, phone, navigation and mobile app control. Uconnect Access remains the best high-tech interface in the automotive industry.

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Source: forbes.com

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