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2015 Chrysler 300S is as Big and Brash as it Gets: First Drive

My last run in with the Chrysler 300 left me hugely impressed at just how far the company had come since the early-2000’s. Back then, the marque as a whole, didn’t so much put out cars as it put out things that would inevitably rust into pieces. My wife’s Chrysler Sebring trunk literally fell apart in my hands. That said, everything about the new 300 showed Chrysler was making a concerted effort in attempting to build a great car. Finally.

The seats were nice and comfortable, the doors shut with a very Teutonic thud, and all the controls and surfaces felt well made. Chrysler had gone from laughable, to a serious luxury competitor in only a few years.

For 2015, Chrysler has once again re-imagined the 300 just in time for its 60th anniversary. And it’s safe to say that that upward trend has not just been maintained, but improved. Last week, I got the chance to take the new Chrysler 300S for a quick little joy ride around Chicago, and it is definitely worthy of being Chrysler’s top dog.

Stepping into the new 300S is like stepping into a comfortable battleship. While the interior and exterior are all new, the size of this car hasn’t been revised in quite some time, and throws you a little off guard. Seriously, the 300 platform is huge. Thankfully, though, the interior is nowhere near as spartan as an aircraft carrier, or what the 300 once was even five years ago. Everything is nice and plush, just like it should be. Maybe not Range Rover quality, but definitely near Audi type luxury.

Being the car I drove was the 300S, it had a 5.7-liter V8, and seats were a bit, dare I say, sportier. Chrysler did an excellent job with the lumbar supports — it actually holds you in place when you turn it hard.

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